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Physical #6 - Spectres (Asario)


With the theme "Physical" of our latest issue, which appeared in February '23, we received numerous submissions, which we unfortunately could not publish all due to limited number of pages. Nevertheless, we do not want to withhold a few selected treasures from you and therefore started a small series on our blog with the title "Physically", in order to feel this topic a bit more and to let the train of thought slowly fade away.




by Asario

MUSE (34 x 44cm, spray-paint and ink onto plywood board)

MYSTIQUE (104 x 44 cm, spray-paint and ink onto plywood board)

MISCHIEF (104 x 44 cm, spray-paint and ink onto plywood board)


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I am a spatial thinker who works through art, architecture, and clothing.

Through architecture, I strive to give form to the formless - buildings, landscapes, inbetweens - that empower you to be yourself and inspire you to return again and again.

Through art, I pursue the description of the indescribable: spiritual experiences that transcend culture, occasion, and place, and move the viewer to think differently about themselves and their place in their world.

Through clothing, I aim to provide structured shape to the shapeless, to spatialize new movements as the body moves in unusually finessed fabrics of abstruse provenance.

I draw. I write. I share.

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