Aesthetic Destruction


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The photo project “aesthetic destruction” tries to capture the contrast of beauty and roughness, destruction and aesthetics.
Trying to depict the deep scars in the cityscape of Beirut caused by civil wars and corruption, the shapes of the Georgian ocean, rough concrete blocks of Armenia and the lively markets of Lebanon, the project aims to paint a picture of these cities and countries that does not only focus on destruction and conflicts, as it is often done in media. Rather it tries to capture daily life and aesthetic structures.

The magic flair that you can feel in every corner of the city of Beirut, the Soviet type buildings in Armenia, the manifold landscape of Georgia and the hospitality in each of these countries is something that is often omitted in the portrayal. On the other hand it does not try to idealize anything. Poverty and desperation are indeed present in some moments. But still, the joy of life is never being lost.

“Aesthetic Destruction” therefore tries to make a contribution to the depiction of different perspectives and stories than we usually hear about countries of the Middle East and the former Soviet Union.


Beirut walks

Gehen durch Straßen
Wie Schluchten
Leere Fenster
Lebendige Dunkelheit

Raue Schönheit
Wilde Wasser formen Steine zu Ruinen

Alte Häuser
Alte Menschen
Alte Wunden
Vernarbte Stadt atmet Geschichte
Ein und aus
Sie verschluckt uns
Und spült uns wieder raus

Salzwasser heilt Wunden

Warme raue Hände
Überzogen von blau roten Adern
Wie Flüsse auf trockenem Sand

Verlieren uns
Und werden neu geboren

Der Duft nach frischer Wäsche und Benzin
Alltägliche Lebendigkeit
Lange Nächte
Tiefe Gespräche
An der Küste von Libanon

Lass uns in den Zug steigen


(Poem by Pia Stautner, inspired by Joscha Frahm)

aesthetic destruction
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train to the coast (Georgia)
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